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Beyond “Colorize, enhance and adjust”. It’s enlivening your events photos and tell a thousand stories with ImageLife.   

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Often requested to shoot corporate events by your agents? ImageLife is here to celebrate the moments you captured. Explore our event photo editing service here.

Feature and Pricing

Corporate Event





  • Lens correction
  • Global and local brightness & contrast
  • Global and local color correction and saturation


  • Photographer reflection removal
  • Sensor dots removal
  • Glare reduction


  • Vertical and horizontal lines correction
  • Sharpening
  • Noise reduction
  • Chromatic aberration

Consistent Quality

Reinforce your signature shooting style with our consistent editing quality

Straight Pricing

Enjoy a standard price, always know what and how much you pay for

Overnight Turnaround

Have you images ready back 12 hours or less with our express service

Real-life Feel

Immerse viewers in the events with natural editing

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Be known for your quality

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